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Who should think about getting an expungement?

I would advise any person who is fearful of their past coming back to haunt them. If they’re looking for a job, if they’re in college and they’re seeking employment when they graduate, if they want to obtain housing and they’re fearful that a prior criminal conviction could prevent them from joining a particular profession, from joining a particular association, professional association. If they’re fearful that they won’t be able to obtain the necessary credit maybe to buy a home or buy a car, if they’re fearful they won’t be able to obtain employment those individuals should definitely seek out competent legal counsel with respect to an expungement motion asking the court to seal a particular record.

In particular, especially people who have been charged with theft, certain individuals charged with certain felonies, drug possession, and also other types of crimes that really, really impact on a person’s honesty or their particular nature. In other words, if it’s a relatively low-level offense like perhaps a minor assault those types of cases can be expungement. But certainly, people who have been charged with and then convicted of any type of theft case I would encourage them to come and see me.

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