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Charged With Drug Possession in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, any amount of cocaine, Meth, heroine, or possession of prescription drugs belonging to another is a felony. There is no such crime as misdemeanor possession of these drugs. Each carries the potential a permanent criminal record and prison time. For marijuana, any amount of over 44 grams (approximately one and half ounces) is a felony.

When facing criminal charges in Minneapolis its best to hire an experienced defense attorney.

Facing a felony drug possession charge can yield severe consequences if convicted. For anyone who must deal with this charge, life changes significantly, making it very to find meaningful employment, keep a professional license, or obtain a professional license. You will need to make sure you have aggressive and respected representation by your side when you go to court. It is very important that you protect your rights.


Depending on the facts of the case, I may be able to help you avoid a permanent criminal conviction and jail time. In other cases, avoiding a permanent felony conviction is very important because there are collateral consequences for a possession; such as loss of employment, immigration status being affected, and the right to possess firearms being taken away.

Drug Possession Lawyer Minnesota

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