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Minnesota Employee Theft Lawyer

What is embezzlement under Minnesota law? Why is this such a devastating charge?

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When an employee steals from their employer or he is accused of doing so, this is referred to as “employee theft.” Any time that an employer has reason to believe that an employee is stealing, the employer has rights beyond what the police have. For instance employers can question you without having to read you your “Miranda Rights” and they can detain for a reasonable period of time without permitting you to have an attorney present. Employers can even conduct an investigation without your knowledge, fire you and press charges.

Unfortunately, employee theft is on the rise and employers are pursuing employee theft as vigorously as possible, using prosecutors to jail defendants, no matter how minor the theft.

Types Of Employee Theft & Embezzlement

There are several reasons in which an employer may suspect employee theft. They include:

  • Removing (stealing) cash from a cash register
  • Stealing or using stolen gift cards
  • Voiding sales when they shouldn’t have been voided
  • Not ringing up customer transactions, providing unauthorized discounts
  • The stealing of office supplies
  • The stealing of merchandise

Consult with an attorney when facing criminal accusations

In these cases, the employer will review cash register receipts, video recordings and other supporting evidence. From here, the employer may present “evidence” to the employee with or without the police being present. This is done in order to get the employee to confess. In most instances the employee unwittingly confesses or admits to the crime only to discover that the only real evidence of theft is the employee’s statements. Is this fair-no. Is it legal, yes! Promises to pay back the money or return the stolen merchandise will not help as these are admissions of guilt.

The Consequences

Having any type of Theft conviction on your criminial record may have major negative consequences. Other employers, landlords, credit bureaus, landlords, colleges, professional schools may do background checks and they may find your conviction. No matter how minor the offense you may find it difficult to explain it away. Imagine you are at an interview for your dream job and your potential employer asks you about your theft conviction. No matter what you may say, the employer may not believe you and may not be willing to trust you.

Employee theft-any theft for that matter-may ruin lives. All it takes is to make a bad decision one time and the consequences can stick for a lifetime.

Embezzlement Lawyer Minnesota

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