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Minnesota Limited License Law

In most instances drivers who inquire about limited licenses do so because they’ve been arrested for an alcohol related arrest.

Obtaining a limited license in Minnesota can be complicated. I can guide you through the process.  Here are a few things to remember.

Facts and Circumstances that Apply to Persons Who May Need a Limited License:

First, the driver must have had a Minnesota driver’s license at the time of the DWI arrest. The license must have been valid at the time of the arrest. Drivers who were revoked or suspended at the time of the stop or arrest or had an out of state driver’s license will not be able to obtain a Minnesota Limited License.

Second, if the driver tested .16 or more, he or she will not be eligible for a limited license. Drivers who have two or more DWIs may not be eligible for a limited license. The driver has another option, the ignition interlock program.

Hennepin County DWI Offenders:  In Hennepin County, Drivers who were stopped and arrested for driving, operating or in physical control of a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol of .08 or more or who refused to test at the station may be able to ask the court for temporary, but full reinstatement of all driving privileges after filing an Implied Consent Petition.  Remember the offense must have occurred in Hennepin County. For more information and to see if you qualify please call Martin Azarian.

Brief Explanation of what is a  Minnesota Limited License:

The limited license is available to persons whose license was revoked because of an implied consent violation, DWI arrest or have been convicted of a DWI or tested at or less than .15 at the station.

The limited license available to a person who needs:

To drive to and from work, chemical dependency treatment, to provide for the educational, medical, or nutritional needs of the family; and/or for attendance at a post-secondary educational institution. To qualify for a limited license a driver must be presently employed or a full-time homemaker.

A limited license is not valid for the first 15 days of the revocation period. This is a hard and fast revocation. There are no exceptions. This means that for a 90-day revocation, the limited license is good for the “back-end” of the 75 days of the 90-day revocation period. The same applies to 30-day revocations. A limited license is intended for the above-mentioned uses, nothing more.

The Application Process:

Limited licenses are NOT issued by the court. Rather, limited licenses are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety only AFTER the driver has applied for a new driver’s license, taken and passed the Minnesota DWI test and paid the Minnesota reinstatement fee. Information as to the DWI test can be found in the Minnesota Driver’s Manual. An on-line version exists. The reinstatement fee is approximately $700.00.  It is a good idea when applying for a limited license to bring proof of automobile liability insurance.

Advantages of Hiring Martin S. Azarian as your Attorney:

Minnesota DWI Law is incredibly complicated. Revocation periods vary depending based on the facts of the case, the number of past DWIs, whether the driver had an out of state license, just to name a few circumstances. Criminal penalties vary depending on the facts of the current case, the test result, the number of prior DWI convictions and when they occurred.  They can be very harsh.

If you hire me to represent you for your DWI matter I can help you navigate the incredibly complicated process of reinstatement and assist you with your criminal DWI matter. Remember, in Minnesota a driver accused of a DWI does not necessarily have one case but could have as many as three resulting prosecutions; the criminal charge, the loss of driving privileges and possible forfeiture of the car. Hiring Martin Azarian, an experienced DWI lawyer is the first best step to learning about your rights, options and obtaining the best resolution possible.

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