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What are the advantages of getting an expungement?

When you get the expungement if the motion is successful the court will then order not only it’s records to be sealed but also all records held by law enforcement or any potential agency. For instance, when I win and expungement motion the courts grants an order, in other words it issues an order telling the clerk of the court to seal this record so that it cannot be found on any court website or any courthouse. But not only that the judge will then send a copy of the order to all law enforcement agencies with respect to this case as well as other state agencies that may have an interest in this particular case. That could not be done before 2015 it can be done now. And that’s very important because the police, the sheriff’s the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Minnesota Attorney’s General Office and other agencies like for instance, the Minnesota Department of Health, the Board of Teaching those records belonging to that particular agency but affecting this person those records would have to be sealed as well. And that’s a tremendous advantage when you do an expungement motion. Before 2015 that could not be accomplished.

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