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Minnesota DWI Test Refusal Lawyer

What is the penalty for a first time DWI in Minnesota?

Have you been charged with DWI test refusal in Minnesota?

In Minnesota it is a serious crime to refuse to submit to an alcohol or controlled substance test if the arresting officer reasonably believed you were operating, driving or in physical control of an automobile. Contrary to popular opinion the driver does not have the right to choose the testing method (except in very limited circumstances) and taking the preliminary alcohol test at the scene is not a defense to Test Refusal.

Test refusal can lead to more severe drunk driving charges

Being charged with Test Refusal can result in a Second or Third Degree DWI charge. If it is your first offense a Test Refusal offense results in a Third Degree charge. If it your second or more DWI charge a Test Refusal offense results in Second Degree DWI charge. It can also result in the Forfeiture of the automobile you were operating!

A Minnesota DWI attorney who knows how to fight drunk driving charges.

Criminal penalties for Test Refusal can be severe, sometimes requiring a minimum jail sentence of between thirty and ninety days incarceraion.

Along with criminal penalties, the State will revoke your driving privileges for one-year and require you to obtain special “W” plates.

If your vehicle was recently seized during a DWI arrest, contact Attorney Martin Azarian.

Remember, Test Refusal charges are the easiest DWI charges for a prosecutor to prove. Because of this fact you need Martin S. Azarian Criminal Defense, P.A. to keep the Refusal off your record. Pleading guilty to a Test Refusal will cause you to lose your license for one year.

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